commendo delivers fully customized recommendation engines based on collaborative detail and comprehensive content filtering algorithms, which calculate predictions and deliver recommendation scores. Our engines can be integrated into existing online trading or information systems.

commendo's recommendation solution is characterized by:
  • Leading technology, delivering
    • Accuracy
    • Speed
  • Autonomy
  • Individuality and flexibility
  • Algorithm tuning possibilities
Accuracy and speed: The success in the Netflix Prize shows how efficiently commendo’s recommender algorithms perform, since the main intention of the competition was to be the first to deliver the best models with the most accurate predictions.
Autonomy: commendo’s solution is integrated into the customer’s system. We provide a stand-alone solution, which is designed to become part of your whole in-house solution.
Individuality and flexibility: Specific needs and objectives will be factored into developing and implementing the customized recommender engine. Unlike our competitors, we deliver customized recommender systems and not “ready made" solutions.
Algorithm tuning possibilities: commendo’s recommender algorithms are based on proven scientific models, which can be quickly refined based on from customer’s data to deliver the best recommendations for each different application.